CTO... a thing of the past

Introducing STOCC 

With chloramines rapidly replacing chlorine, groundwater containing sulfide, and surface waters containing geosmin, and other musty smelling and tasting compounds, it's time to raise the bar.

STOCC Filters - Don’t Accept Anything Less

The founder of KT Corporation coined and trademarked the term "CTO", which stands for Chlorine, Taste and Odor. Today, "CTO" is used by nearly every company in the world to describe the aesthetic capabilities of common carbon block filter elements. It is even used to describe the machines used to make these filters (“CTO extruders”, also invented by the founder of KT Corporation). But CTO filters are insufficient in the modern world where many municipalities have switched to using chloramine disinfectants or where filters are used on well water contaminated with foul-tasting sulfide or where surface waters are contaminated with musty organic chemicals from the decay of organic debris.  
To meet these challenges, we have moved to a new standard –- "STOCC".

STOCC filters meet the full spectrum of aesthetic challenges. They control all forms of aesthetic contaminants no matter what the source of the water (municipal, groundwater, or surface water). A STOCC filter intercepts Sulfides; chemicals that contribute to Taste; rust sediment, dirt and Turbidity at NSF STD 42 Class 1 levels (0.5 micron); Odors; Chlorine; and Chloramine (i.e. the common disinfectants now used by municipalities). STOCC filters establish a new standard in comprehensive aesthetic purification of drinking water. What emerges is pristine, super-purified water. No off-tastes, no off-smells, and crystal clear... no exceptions.  

Sulfide: Rotten Egg Smell and Taste

Found in well water, sulfide can only be removed by filters containing catalytic carbon. FF-1 removes > 97.8% of sulfide throughout the filter's entire 700 liter life, exceeding the NSF STD 42 target of 95%.

Taste/Turbidity: Your Indication of Purity

Fusion filters provide the highest NSF STD 42 Class 1 particulate and turbidity reduction (0.5 micron) while reducing chlorine and off smelling organics below detection. What emerges is crystal clear and sweet tasting water.

Odor: None is Good

Water should be entirely odorless without disinfectants or smelly organic chemicals (geosmins) remaining. Fusion quickly and effectively removes these using our special high-activity catalytic activated carbon.

Chlorine: Below Detection

Added by municipalities to disinfect water and removed by activated carbon, Fusion Filters reduce chlorine below detection (>97.5%) for their entire rated life when tested in accordance with NSF STD 42.

A Complex Disinfectant

Created by combining chorine and ammonia, chloramines have systematically replaced chlorine in many water treatment systems, but are notoriously difficult to remove. Most filters cannot address this problem, but Fusion uses activated carbons designed to eliminate this disinfectant before the water is consumed.
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