Trace Metal Adsorbent Complex

A fine hydrophilic powder that easily disperses into activated carbon and thermoplastic binder mixtures to provide multi-metal adsorption for potable water applications, especially in activated carbon blocks. High density and small particle size results in minimal volumetric displacement of carbon and minimal impact on flow through the adsorbent structure.

Average particle size is 11.0 microns
Non-dusting formula ensures safe and clean properties.
Can be used during extrusion or compression molding of carbon blocks usually in the range of 6-20% by weight
Optimized for third-generation binder systems such as KYBLOCK or second-generation binders such as micro-fine LDPE.


Fast adsorption kinetics due to small particle size supports product miniaturization and high flow rates. Adsorbs lead, cadmium, antimony, mercury, nickel,
hexa-valent chromium, and beryllium with high efficiency. Capacity for lead at pH – 6.5 is 160-185mg/gram. Adsorption accomplished by rapid ion-exchange followed by slower chemisorption that results in complete and permanent immobilization and fixation of contaminant metals. Operates effectively throughout 5.5 – 9.5 pH range.


TMAC has been used for the production of gravity-flow and pressurized health-claim carbon blocks. TMAC can be used to greatly expand a product’s claims against toxic metals in both number of metals targeted and flow rate or capacity extension. It is significantly more economical than alternative trace metal adsorbents. TMAC can be bonded to activated carbon granules to produce a composite particle with enhanced adsorption properties.


Packaged in 335-pound fiberboard drums lined with heavy-duty gusseted plastic bags or 1,200-pound super sacks on export pallets.

Interested in a Sample?

5 and 10 lb samples available, please reach out with any questions.