Pressurized Fusion Filters

Pressurized water filters that deliver stunning levels of both aesthetic and health claims.  


Pressurized Fusion Filter media contain nanofiber-immobilized adsorbents and can be spiral-wound or pleated for use in pressurized systems. Fusion's vast capabilities allow for the creation of filters of nearly any size and design.

Pressurized Filter Scalability

When an application demands high flow rates and extended filter life, we start with powerful filters and use a simple technology called “manifolding”. In this approach, a kit is provided that permits a multitude of large filter housings, equipped with the powerful F85-20 filter, to work together. This kit permits such filters to operate in parallel to achieve flow rates of 40- 50 gallons per minute with combined life of 250,000 to 300,000 gallons.
Such systems are used to economically provide quality water to hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, isolated communities, and other large facilities. The filters protect all of the water used within these facilities from the full spectrum of toxic chemical, microbiological, and aesthetic threats. In this manner, customers are not forced to shower in water that they would never drink.

Applications for Pressurized Filters

Pressurized Fusion Filter media can be pleated or spiral-wound to create devices that replace obsolete carbon blocks. This versatility permits filters to meet the widest range of applications and to fit the tiny filter housings found in faucet-mount and refrigerator applications up to large commercial installations used in food service, whole-house, hotels, and small communities. Pressurized Fusion Filter devices easily retrofit existing carbon block applications or can enable new revolutionary filter designs.

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