P12 pressurized water filters deliver stunning levels of both aesthetic and health claims.  

Compelling Sustainability

FISSION Fibers are manufactured using a unique low-energy process that is nearly ten-times less energy intensive than alternative processes. The lack of chemicals and low energy consumption make our manufacturing process highly sustainable, but also make these fibers extremely economical.

The Product is Our Process

The FISSION process involves mechanical fibrillation of cellulose feedstock into nanofibers with measured Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF) in the range of sub-zero and greater. The process can be adjusted to produce positive, negative or neutral charge on the surface of the nanofibers. The fibrillation process is unique, using modified equipment with energy consumptions of 400-800 kW-hrs/ton for products with measured CSF values of 0-100.

A Closer Look at the Fiber

FISSION Fibers are fibrillated cellulose fibers with average fiber size typically being 200-250 nm diameter (with a large population of 40-50 nm fibers) and fiber length 1 to 3 mm in length. The production process is carried out in highly purified R.O.- electro deionized water without chemicals to produce a neutral (uncharged) fiber or can be amended to produce anionic or cationic fibers with permanent charge of -25 mV to +40 mV. The reactor-grade material is a moist granulate of 25-40% solids and the purity of the fibers is superb.

Fission Applications