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When starting a new filter project, there is nothing more frustrating than lacking the computational tools to calculate the performance of a new filter design. What is the impact of flow rate on performance and life? How does filter geometry impact pressure drop and dirt holding capacity? How is the formulation of the filter medium to be adjusted to obtain the right balance of properties? What is the calculated particulate interception performance of the new product? Only the most sophisticated companies have the analytical tools to design new filters rapidly and accurately. This capability reduces time to market and saves on testing costs. Choosing the right design and being able to calculate the associated economics is a critical skill that companies need to demand from their OEM supplier.  

KT Corporation brings the required knowledge, experience, and analytical tools required by it's customers. We have developed critical manufacturing equipment (for example, the first carbon block extruder), new materials (metal adsorbents, catalytic carbons, nanofibers) and original filter concepts (we invented the original end-of-tap water filters for both PUR and Brita, the filter medium used in the current Brita LongLast filter, the original refrigerator filter, the first push-button filter changeout cartridges, and many more). KT Corporation is the inventor of the advanced KYBLOCK binder system used for carbon block production. It is the company that invented the most advanced scale control resin sold. With the invention of Fusion Filters, KT Corporation has created the most advanced electrokinetic filters available. There is no company that can match our record of innovation. When seeking a development partner, look no further.

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