The Fusion Filter

A gravity-flow filter medium that achieves exceptional levels of both aesthetic and health claims.  

Key Features

Fusion technology achieves remarkably high levels of both aesthetic and health-claim performance with a single filter layer. Fusion filter media can be thick, thin, flexible or stiff, spiral wound, pleated, die cut or slit.

Prefilters using our proprietary nanofibers can be used to extend the life of these systems when challenged with raw water containing high levels of organics or particulates.


NSF STD Achievements

Fusion filter media are the most powerful and economical materials to ever meet the full spectrum of ANSI/NSF performance claims. They have been tested under NSF P231 to intercept >99.9999% of bacteria, >99.99% of virus, and 99.99% of oocysts. Fusion meets NSF STD 401 for the reduction of organic chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Fusion provides protection from toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium and asbestos in accordance with NSF STD 53. Fusion meets STOCC targets, even in tiny filters weighing a few grams.

Global Impact

Fusion technology was created to provide people throughout the world with safe and pristine quality water regardless of their economic circumstances. Fusion Filters can be produced in the hundreds-of-millions and provide protection from acute microbiological and toxic threats. Our company is a founding member of the One World Filter Foundation aimed at the distribution of free filters to communities in need.

Two filters for two applications

Fusion Filter-1

FF-1 contains activated carbon and provides organics, microbiological threat, and full  STOCC-reduction

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Fusion Filter-2

FF-2 carries out all of the purification tasks outlined for FF-1, and additionally includes toxic metal interception for lead, mercury, cadmium, and antimony.

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